Cannabombz Bath Bombs

So bath bombs are a thing. I know they’ve been around for years,  but recently I’ve noticed that they’ve made some sort of a comeback. They’re everywhere. I see the colorful balls in stores like Victoria Secret, Sephora, Bath and Body works or down the aisles of any store that sells body treatments/personal care. Bath bombs are scented, fizzy and fun. I’ve seen rose petal filled bombs, glitter bombs and bombs that fill your tub with an array of psychedelic colors. Although I’m more of a shower girl, there is nothing like a relaxing bath after a long day of standing on my feet or to relax my aching muscles after a day at the gym.

Recently during a trip to Universal Studios in L.A., I noticed a store on the City Walk called Nectar Bath Treats where everything in the store looks good enough to eat, but its soap! They have bath bombs that look like scoops of ice cream. It was so cute!  I was tempted to try a few, BUT my skin is so sensitive and I also fear what the effects of the ingredients will have on my vajayjay. Some say that bath bombs have the potential to throw off your vaginas PH due to the fragranced ingredients which encompass a variety of chemicals making your nether regions more susceptible to bacteria, irritation and potential infection. Yikes!  Not everyone is negatively affected , but I’d rather be safe than painfully sorry. So, I chose to stay clear of the bath bomb thing, until I was approached by a company called Cannabombz.

Cannabombz is an Atlanta based bath bomb company founded by a woman and of course you know that I am all the way here for it. I love seeing women take the leap into entrepreneurship and making it happen. Ebony White created Cannabombz due to her sensitive skin. Cannabombz are 100% handmade, all natural, non GMO bath bombs that are infused with pure cannaboidal isolate, also known as CBD. There are no artificial preservatives or dyes.

What is CBD you ask? CBD is what Cannabombz describes as the “medical” part of  marijuana. It has no psychoactive effects and will not alter the state of mind of anyone that uses it. You will not get high using a Cannabombz bath bomb. The properties found in CBD have been used to treat chronic pain, joint and skin inflammation, seizures , skin cancer, anxiety and depression. Sounds good to me!

When Ebony sent me a couple bombs to try, the first thing I asked after “ Will I get high?” was, “Am I gonna break out?” She assured me that I would be fine, coconut oil and shea butter will moisturize and nourish the skin, the fragrance used is a soap fragrance, there are no dyes, the color is mica powder (used in eye shadow) and that when used topically CBD can actually fight skin irritations, and treat an array of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, inflammatory skin disease, dermatitis, acne and in some cases skin cancer by encouraging the death of abnormal skin cells.

I received my two Cannabombz. Halo and Coconut Lime. I tried the Coconut Lime first. After removing the wrapping, I ran a nice HOT  bath.  I like my water scalding hot. The bomb crumbled a little in my fingers. I dropped the bomb in the running water. It was like dropping an alka seltzer tab into a glass of water. The effervescent, fuzzy effect was actually fun to watch and the smell was amazing! I wish the bubbles lasted longer, but it made the water SO silky and soft!  After soaking for a good 20 minutes I actually felt invigorated. My skin was soft and supple,  I was smelling good and no irritation the next day. Yay!

I would definitely recommend giving a Cannabombz bath bomb a try.  Treat yourself. Check them out on Instagram @Canna.Bombz or contact them by email at to put your order in. Tell them Kamil sent you!