I took a Kangoo Class!

I was very intrigued when I saw a trainer on Instagram dancing around on these bouncing shoes that kind of looked like inline skates ( but not really) with some type of contraption on the bottom. After much research I found out that the shoes were called rebound shoes or jump shoes. Rebound shoes are low impact shoes that absorb up to 80% of the shock of jumping allowing users to burn 20% more calories. They are used for Aerobics, Running and Walking. The most popular brand is made by a company called Kangoo Jumps.

I started seeing celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Eve using the boots during their training sessions and finally I was like, let me go ahead and give this a try! I mean because if it works for them, right? I might as well go for it. It also looks like fun. I also noticed after watching several You-Tube videos that everyone taking these classes looked slim and trim! I found a class here in Atlanta at Kangoo Club Atlanta. The instructor Lawanda “The Kang Guru”, travels to different locations during the week. I chose her 11 am, Sunday class in Atlanta off Howell Mill. You must sign up online prior to taking the class to ensure that you reserve a pair of boots in your correct size. Once I got to the class I was given my boots. I have to admit the look of these things is de intimidating.They are big, clunky and look like there is no way you wont fall flat on your face. They feel just like putting on a pair of inline skates. My shoe size is  8.5 to a 9 so I chose a Medium in the boots. Next time I am going to try a size Small because they didnt feel snug enough for me. I would also advise that you either wear very thick socks or several pairs. Once I figured out how to strap the boots on, it took a few minutes to get comfortable with the feeling. First of all I felt 6 feet tall with a bounce in every step. The boots are actually very stable. The track at the bottom is very wide and covered in rubber.

I was about 10 minutes late so I missed the intro portion of the class. When I joined in they were already warmed up and going ALL THE WAY IN! I have to say that I was NOT READY!  I didnt know what to expect when I walked into that building. Imagine jumping rope on a trampoline for an hour straight! This was definitely a workout! Some serious cardio. There is alot of jumping so make sure you secure “the girls” ladies or you will regret it. Lawanda, the instructor, is awesome. She was not only patient with me as I tried my hardest to fight the urge to take those boots off and lay on the floor for the rest of the class, but she is very energetic, high spirited and the absolute sweetest.  I havent worked out in weeks, so I struggled a bit for my first time. I actually couldnt wait for it to be over, keeping my eyes on the clock, but I made it through and I plan to go back again.  Who’s down to join me??