Oribe New Products For Highly Textured Hair!! Worth IT??

So, this week I’m on my natural hair hype. I straighten my hair faithfully every 2 to 3 weeks but I have decided to go au naturale and rock my natural curls. Now in order to do this I needed to have THE right product. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m bougie when it comes to my products and only the best will do. I’ve tried this a few times and was left with a hot, sticky mess. One time in particular, I tried a product on my hair that was supposed to define curls and manage frizz. I applied the product to my wet hair. Curls looked cute and I was like OH OKAY! I think I can do this. I left the house with silky, shoulder length curls, went for a stroll in HomeGoods and as I was walking down an aisle, one of the saleswomen came from the back. She walked past me and gave me an astonished look of bewilderment; kind of like “WTH?!”. I continued down the aisle but had a sudden thought like a question mark above my head; Hmmmmm, What was that look for?? I ran to the aisle with all of the mirrors. OMG I was HORRIFIED!! My hair had shriveled up like Marge Simpsons older sister.

Except shorter and crazier. Actually this chicks hair looked better than mine. I mean it was dry, crunchy, no curls and ALL BAD. I had no scrunchy, no rubber bands, no pins. Nothing to fix the disaster on top of my head so I quickly threw together a large French braid to the back and ran out of there. Needless to say I never tried that again UNTIL now.

The luxury brand Oribe has added 4 new products to their Moisture and Control Curl Collection specifically for highly textured hair. There has been a lot of promotion and a major hype on social media about these new products. Perfect timing, so I decided to give them a try. The new products that they have added are the Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler, Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Cream, Curl Gelee For Shine & Definition and the Moisture & Control Deep Treatment Masque. You can learn more about these products at Oribe.com. I’ve been a fan of this brand for a while ever since they came out with the cult favorite, Dry Texturizing Spray, and after giving these products a test drive I am more intrigued with the whole line. Now let me warn you that when I said “LUXURY”, I mean that. Ranging from $38 to $63, the prices for these products are nothing to sneeze at, so you must be willing to splurge and indulge. In my case, although I was extremely nervous about the outcome, it was definitely worth it. I was impressed.

Although I haven’t purchased the masque yet it is definitely on my “things to get” list because it has received some rave reviews. Of the 4, I purchased the Priming Lotion, the Styling Butter and the Curl Gelee.

  • Instantly absorbs into hair to define and soften curls
  • Prevents dryness
  • Protects from breakage
  • Medium hold with natural finish
  • Silicone Free
  • Smooths and defines curls without crunch
  • Nourishes and softens hair
  • Medium hold with high shine finish
  • Silicone Free
  • Instantly detangles
  • Prevents breakage
  • Protects from dryness
  • Provides thermal protection
  • Silicone Free

I wasnt ready for an all out wash and go so I decided to try a rope braid twist out to give my straight ends some help. After shampooing my hair with Kevin Murphys Restore (another great highly recommended product) which takes place of shampoo and conditioner, I generously applied the Priming Lotion. The Priming Lotion has a thick lotiony texture with an awesome scent. Once applied, I combed through my hair effortlessly with a wide tooth comb.

Clean, towel dried, no product, immediately after Kevin Murphy Restore

I then sectioned my hair into 4 sections.

Well that’s cute

All while keeping the hair damp, I then parted each section into small subsections applying the styling butter first. After brushing the product through, I then applied the Gelee from ends to root. The Curl Gelee is a clear gel, almost activator consistency, but it wasn’t super sticky and also ,like all of their products, it has that amazing Oribe scent. Once the product was completely distributed, I twisted each subsection into tight rope braids coiling the ends around my finger. The consistency of the Gelee helped keep my twists smooth, tight and lustrous.

As you can see my ends in the front are pretty straight so I decided to roll the ends with small rod rollers

I applied small rod rollers to my straight ends, put on a bonnet and went to bed allowing my hair to dry overnight. Upon waking up, I was so excited to see the results! I removed the rollers, squeezed out a tiny bit of the styling butter to add to my finger tips and carefully separated the twists. Some areas of my hair in the front did more of a wave than a curl due to excessive flat ironing I suppose, but the rest of my hair was perfectly defined, soft, touchable with a natural finish and it was weightless. It did not feel like I had any product in my hair. With all the touching and fluffing I did that day trying to get used to this new look, my curls still lasted all day and all night long. I was even able to rock my twist out for a second day with minimal manipulation.

Voila, Here is the final result

What do you think? I like it. It is definitely going to take some practice to perfect these curls but all in all the Oribe products definitely did what they were supposed to do! I think I’m gonna try to go heat free for a month. Maybe even the whole summer.

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YES! There is nothing like the comfort of UGG boots when the weather starts to get a little  brisky. Although I pretty much wear mine year round, they are ideal for the colder months of Fall and Winter. In fact my current outfit around the house is a pair of lavender shorts, an orange tank and a pair of tall black UGG boots. Lovely. At least I’m COZY, my feet are warm and comfy as I start with my day. When I get out of the bed in the morning, the first thing after my phone that I reach for is my UGGs and it doesn’t matter which ones because most likely its whatever pair I was wearing the day before. The temperature has dropped far below what this Cali girl is built for and I can see that for the next couple of months, I will probably be in a pair of UGGS every day. I’m fine with that. They go with everything. Although UGG non-believers may oppose, I think they are cute. I have a few pairs, a couple colors, I have them in short, tall, buttons down the side, the wedged heel version if I want to get fancy and they practically warm up your whole body. If you don’t own a pair of UGGs you are trippin’.

Most UGG non-believers have never even tried a pair. These are the ones who say they are “ugly” until they put their foot in one. There is nothing like the comfort of a pair of UGGs. Made of sheepskin, fleece and suede. Chilly feet? BOOM, Instant Warmth. They are like a soft, warm, blanket and pillows for your feet that can be worn all day. Running errands, these things are like my winter sandals. I throw on a pair, with or without socks, leggings, a hoodie, maybe a coat, my baseball cap and I’m out. Rain, sleet, snow; my feet are covered.

I’ve been a fan since about the early 2000s. I usually end up buying a new pair every 2 to 3 years, once my classics turn into house shoes; and by “classics” I mean, the plain, classic colored, black or sand in tall or short.  This year I’m looking for a pair in winter green. My daughter had a pair a few years ago and I loved them. 

Aside from the Classics, here are a couple other styles that I really like currently in their collection. The Valentina and The Bailey Bow II Boot. The Valentina is a luxury boot that has a Toscana Sheepskin cuff with Schwarkoski Crystal rivets and is lined with wool. The Bailey Bow II is a twist on a classic with the addition of two silk bows down the back of the boot. Cute!

The Valentina

The Bailey Bow II Boot















Boys and Men can even grab a pair. They make them for men too. Although I’m not trying to see a guy in a pair of classic short or tall, they do make other styles perfect for men with the same comfort. My son loves his. He has the Neumel Boot in Sand.

Men’s Neumel Boot

If you are looking to try a pair, now is the perfect time to start looking in stores like Dilliards, Macys, Nordstrom Rack and sometimes TJ Maxx/Marshalls for good deals. Look for an Uggs Outlet or retail store in your area and you can check them out online at www.UGG.com.


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Meet Leah Matthews

This weeks Female Entrepreneur Spotlight is on

 Mrs. Leah Matthews, owner/director of Studio Go Dance and the co-owner/co-founder of Studio 2 Go Dance. 

I have known this young, inspiring business woman for 12 years; since she was a Sales Rep at a company called Corporate Payroll Services located in Norcross, GA.  I was new to Georgia. I was the Front Desk Receptionist. This was the first job I took after the real estate market crashed and my real estate sales were low. In case you didn’t know I was also a real estate agent for about 8 years of my life, but that’s another story. Now although I made a couple friendships at this place, my experience there was short and eventful.  Leah and I hit it off pretty quickly. I remember little, petite Leah walking in to the office every morning with her coffee and huge sunglasses that pretty much swallowed her whole face. Every day on her way in to the building and always on her way out she would stop by my desk. We would talk about many things including our plans to get out of there.  We finally did. Leah left Corporate Payroll and became a Consultant for Michael Page International which is a professional recruiting firm. They were opening a new office in Atlanta and were looking for an Office Manager.  She thought of me for the position, made the connection and to make a long story short, I got the job. The rest is history.


I feel like I’ve watched Leah grow and blossom into the woman she is today. From our first encounter at CPS, to our many experiences at Michael Page, to when she met her husband Todd, to their engagement, to their marriage (which by the way I had the pleasure of styling the hair for her and her bridesmaids at the wedding)……

….to becoming a mother, to now a successful business owner.

After Michael Page closed its doors, with over 20 years of experience, Leah followed her passion for dance and started Studio Go Dance which is a professional dance company that provides dance instruction to local schools, churches, synagogues, recreation centers, etc.  She also co-founded an extension of Studio Go Dance with Studio To Go Dance, which is a packaged curriculum created by Leah and co-founder Lauren Nolan, that is shipped to dance studios worldwide to help transform their businesses. For more information check out the websites below.



Leah and I sat down for an on camera interview. During this interview Leah drops some jewels that every woman interested in opening a business should hear. She talks about how she handles being a mother and a wife juggling so many hats as an entrepreneur. She also talks about the trials and tribulations she has had to face during her journey as well as her story of success. I was truly inspired and actually motivated. Take a look at our interview I hope she inspires you as well.

Dont forget to SHARE and PLEASE  SUBSCRIBE to my blog here at www.kamilmarzette.com as well as my You Tube channel!!


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I took a Kangoo Class!

I was very intrigued when I saw a trainer on Instagram dancing around on these bouncing shoes that kind of looked like inline skates ( but not really) with some type of contraption on the bottom. After much research I found out that the shoes were called rebound shoes or jump shoes. Rebound shoes are low impact shoes that absorb up to 80% of the shock of jumping allowing users to burn 20% more calories. They are used for Aerobics, Running and Walking. The most popular brand is made by a company called Kangoo Jumps.

I started seeing celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Eve using the boots during their training sessions and finally I was like, let me go ahead and give this a try! I mean because if it works for them, right? I might as well go for it. It also looks like fun. I also noticed after watching several You-Tube videos that everyone taking these classes looked slim and trim! I found a class here in Atlanta at Kangoo Club Atlanta. The instructor Lawanda “The Kang Guru”, travels to different locations during the week. I chose her 11 am, Sunday class in Atlanta off Howell Mill. You must sign up online prior to taking the class to ensure that you reserve a pair of boots in your correct size. Once I got to the class I was given my boots. I have to admit the look of these things is de intimidating.They are big, clunky and look like there is no way you wont fall flat on your face. They feel just like putting on a pair of inline skates. My shoe size is  8.5 to a 9 so I chose a Medium in the boots. Next time I am going to try a size Small because they didnt feel snug enough for me. I would also advise that you either wear very thick socks or several pairs. Once I figured out how to strap the boots on, it took a few minutes to get comfortable with the feeling. First of all I felt 6 feet tall with a bounce in every step. The boots are actually very stable. The track at the bottom is very wide and covered in rubber.

I was about 10 minutes late so I missed the intro portion of the class. When I joined in they were already warmed up and going ALL THE WAY IN! I have to say that I was NOT READY!  I didnt know what to expect when I walked into that building. Imagine jumping rope on a trampoline for an hour straight! This was definitely a workout! Some serious cardio. There is alot of jumping so make sure you secure “the girls” ladies or you will regret it. Lawanda, the instructor, is awesome. She was not only patient with me as I tried my hardest to fight the urge to take those boots off and lay on the floor for the rest of the class, but she is very energetic, high spirited and the absolute sweetest.  I havent worked out in weeks, so I struggled a bit for my first time. I actually couldnt wait for it to be over, keeping my eyes on the clock, but I made it through and I plan to go back again.  Who’s down to join me??

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Brooches and Pins for the Win!


Got me a new piece to add to my collection.  I found this brooch on sale on one of my favorite sites, www.SSense.com. This will go perfect with my Opyum pumps!I remember growing up watching my mom and aunt dress for work. Brooches were an essential part of their work attire. Shopping for jewelry included searching for a brooch or pin to place on the lapel of a blazer, on a blouse or sweater, or even to clasp/drape a scarf.

A brooch or pin can spice up any outfit from classic to contemporary. Get yourself a good collection and you’ll  be ready for any occasion. If you don’t already own any brooches, it’s never too late to start collecting . Every woman should have a few brooches to go with different looks or at least one for the formal dress and another for casual wear.  Put it on a dress, jeans, jacket, hat, or even shoes.

Make a statement with a brooch or pin. The perfect addition to Fall style . If you are not in the mood for a lot of jewelry or if you just want to make that top pop; a brooch may be just what you need. They are perfect for pulling together a more polished look and also show a glimpse of your personal style. Here are a few of my favorite looks and some examples of how to wear a brooch or pin in modern ways.







Nothing says chic and classy like Chanels iconic signature brooch.  This is a classic accessory that will elevate any outfit.

Add some glam to your jean jacket.  Don’t be afraid to improvise. A jacket full of brooches and pins is not just for the military. Create your own cluster of pins that express your personality and style.







Toss one on your winter coat to add some sparkle.







Dress up your collar. 













Glamorize your hat or winter beanie


Lastly, you can dress up long sleeve shirts by wearing a small pair of pins as cuff links to add a little pizazz to your swag.

Add originality to a new look or revive an old one. The possibilities are endless.  Brooches and pins are often an overlooked accessory but can be the most unexpected personal touch that will take your outfit to the next level. I love a designer brooch, but I have also found some hidden gems in second hand stores, estate sales and on sites like www.vestiairecollective.com.

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Cannabombz Bath Bombs

So bath bombs are a thing. I know they’ve been around for years,  but recently I’ve noticed that they’ve made some sort of a comeback. They’re everywhere. I see the colorful balls in stores like Victoria Secret, Sephora, Bath and Body works or down the aisles of any store that sells body treatments/personal care. Bath bombs are scented, fizzy and fun. I’ve seen rose petal filled bombs, glitter bombs and bombs that fill your tub with an array of psychedelic colors. Although I’m more of a shower girl, there is nothing like a relaxing bath after a long day of standing on my feet or to relax my aching muscles after a day at the gym.

Recently during a trip to Universal Studios in L.A., I noticed a store on the City Walk called Nectar Bath Treats where everything in the store looks good enough to eat, but its soap! They have bath bombs that look like scoops of ice cream. It was so cute!  I was tempted to try a few, BUT my skin is so sensitive and I also fear what the effects of the ingredients will have on my vajayjay. Some say that bath bombs have the potential to throw off your vaginas PH due to the fragranced ingredients which encompass a variety of chemicals making your nether regions more susceptible to bacteria, irritation and potential infection. Yikes!  Not everyone is negatively affected , but I’d rather be safe than painfully sorry. So, I chose to stay clear of the bath bomb thing, until I was approached by a company called Cannabombz.

Cannabombz is an Atlanta based bath bomb company founded by a woman and of course you know that I am all the way here for it. I love seeing women take the leap into entrepreneurship and making it happen. Ebony White created Cannabombz due to her sensitive skin. Cannabombz are 100% handmade, all natural, non GMO bath bombs that are infused with pure cannaboidal isolate, also known as CBD. There are no artificial preservatives or dyes.

What is CBD you ask? CBD is what Cannabombz describes as the “medical” part of  marijuana. It has no psychoactive effects and will not alter the state of mind of anyone that uses it. You will not get high using a Cannabombz bath bomb. The properties found in CBD have been used to treat chronic pain, joint and skin inflammation, seizures , skin cancer, anxiety and depression. Sounds good to me!

When Ebony sent me a couple bombs to try, the first thing I asked after “ Will I get high?” was, “Am I gonna break out?” She assured me that I would be fine, coconut oil and shea butter will moisturize and nourish the skin, the fragrance used is a soap fragrance, there are no dyes, the color is mica powder (used in eye shadow) and that when used topically CBD can actually fight skin irritations, and treat an array of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, inflammatory skin disease, dermatitis, acne and in some cases skin cancer by encouraging the death of abnormal skin cells.

I received my two Cannabombz. Halo and Coconut Lime. I tried the Coconut Lime first. After removing the wrapping, I ran a nice HOT  bath.  I like my water scalding hot. The bomb crumbled a little in my fingers. I dropped the bomb in the running water. It was like dropping an alka seltzer tab into a glass of water. The effervescent, fuzzy effect was actually fun to watch and the smell was amazing! I wish the bubbles lasted longer, but it made the water SO silky and soft!  After soaking for a good 20 minutes I actually felt invigorated. My skin was soft and supple,  I was smelling good and no irritation the next day. Yay!

I would definitely recommend giving a Cannabombz bath bomb a try.  Treat yourself. Check them out on Instagram @Canna.Bombz or contact them by email at Canna.Bombz728@gmail.com to put your order in. Tell them Kamil sent you!


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Cake Pops, Cocktails and a Conversation with Shontel Kealoha of Pop Starz ATL



Meet Mrs. Shontel Kealoha. Founder of Pop Starz ATL, a home based business that specializes in creating flavor magic with her delicious assortment of home made, handcrafted cake pops and other tasty desserts such as chocolate covered strawberries, candy coated Oreos and caramel covered pretzel sticks, just to name a few.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @PopStarzATL. The pictures alone will make your mouth water!

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, raised in the Bay Area, a graduate of Hayward High School in Hayward, California; Shontel moved to Atlanta in 2007. Her obsession for cake pops began in 2012, however it wasn’t until 2016 that she really knew this was something she wanted to do full time.

I was able to visit Shontel at her home to do an interview. She greeted me with a fresh fruit plate, yummy cocktails and an assortment of cake pops. YUM!


I would say she definitely made me feel at home and as you will see in the video, after a few drinks, I got real comfortable! That pomegranate cocktail she made was SO good.

During the interview as we laugh and I eat, you will get to know fun loving, high spirited Shontel as I know her.  She will give you insight as to what it is like transistioning from the normal 9 – 5, customer service based, sit inside a cubicle type job to running her own cake pop business. Learn how she got started and how her faith, passion and love for her craft keeps her going.

Watch the interview here:

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The Essential Black Statement Pump

The black pump is a classic. A must have. The most versatile shoe in a woman’s collection.  The black pump can be worn year round, night or day, for work or play, from the office to the club and whatever the setting will always exemplify that you mean business. But how about a black pump that makes a bolder statement?? What about a shoe that enters a room like BOOM and purrs like Eartha Kitt (cuz its also sexy) and says “All eyes on me. I mean business, I am the business, mess around with me and I will give you the business!”? Yeah, every woman needs that shoe. The essential black statement pump.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Saint Laurent Opyum 110 Heel

I recently was able to purchase these from a website that I found online called Tessabit.com. Lucky for me they had one pair left that happened to be my size and I was able to purchase these babies for 65% off! These gorgeous gems are absolutely stunning. The logo heel was a fantastic design idea. It comes in a shorter heel as well, the 85mm heel.  I have the patent leather version with the chrome logo heel. Check out my review on my channel: https://youtu.be/kABMlxb-gEE.

The YSL Opyum comes in leather or patent leather. The logo heel comes in chrome, bronze, black, and most recently blue. There is also a sandal, a bootie and they just came out with a super dope sling back that is to die for!!

Christian Louboutin So Kate

Nothing says money moves like a red bottom. The So Kate is a classic. The silhouette of this shoe is just sexy, but be careful with sizing, getting the wrong size could be crucial. Always go up a size with Louboutins. Only available in 120mm heel, the So Kate pump has the steepest pitch and the most severe pointed toe.

Christian Louboutin Pegalles Follies 100mm or 120mm

The Pigalle Folles design is a combination of the Pigalle ( which has a thicker heel) , and the So Kate. This design comes in a wide selection of heel heights. Said to be a bit more comfortable than the So Kate with a cushioned insole, the toe box is shorter than the So Kate, but the heel is still narrow and tapered. I put this on the list for those who cant deal with the high pitch in the So Kate but still want that sexy silhouette.

Valentino Garavani RockStud Ankle Strap Pump

Another timeless classic. Both equal parts elegant and edgy. Comes in a kitten heel or the 100mm/4” heel.  One of my favorite pairs of shoes. I have these in black patent leather with the nude strap. They are one of the many treasures that I have scored at Nordstrom Rack. I remember dreaming of owning a pair but couldn’t stomach the hefty price tag. One day I just happened to be on the hunt in the shoe department, not sure what I would find, and came across these beauties for over 70% off. I think I cried a little bit.

Gucci Suede Web Mary Jane Pump

I love these!  Suede, Gucci, pointed toe pump with a 4” heel and the strap is removeable!

Schutz Quereda

This sexy, pointy toe, high heel mule has been seen all over the blogs and on celebs like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Katy Perry. The Quereda comes in several different colors and materials. The OOTD options are limitless with these!

Tamara Mellon Linger Suede Ankle Boot

These are hot! Tamara calls it a boot but it is also listed as a pump. Either way, I’ll take it! The skin baring cut outs make this shoe so sexy and there is just something about suede. These are perfect for Fall.

Balenciaga Black Knife Pumps

Now these might not be for everyone but they are SO DOPE!! These got my attention at the beginning of the year when I saw Meghan Markle in a red pair. Most recently Nicki Minaj posted a picture that sparked a frenzy of every one of her followers  trying to find out who, what, where and how do I find them. Not only do these  demand attention but the price tag makes a huge statement as well!


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Lila Owens of CUPCAKIN Bake Shop

I got the chance to sit down with my good friend Lila Owens, Founder of CUPCAKIN Bake Shop in Berkeley, California. I wanted you all to get to know the lady behind those delicious cupcakes you see floating around Instagram and Facebook with all the amazing reviews.  Always chill, with a smile on her face she agreed to do this sit down with me. Little did she know this was not just a “hey girl” interview on my I-Phone. I came prepared. I had to show her “ Go Hard or Go Home!”. When I say I’m about to do something, I’m going to DO IT with no half stepping. So I had my new camera (that got all the reviews on You-Tube), a tri-pod, my lavalier microphones (that’s right, lavalier), and lights! I’m a vlogger now ya’ll! LOL

Click Photo To See Interview!

Anyways, she thought it was a joke. It was not. Take a look at our interview on my channel and be sure to SUBSCRIBE!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM2xCXeT78_mcytpTPZciFQ

Ive known Lila since High School. 2 girly tomboys made a connection one day and the rest is history. As long as Ive known this girl she has been driven with an entreprenuerial spirit that I have no doubt was instilled in her by her Real Estate Broker mom, Big V. Commonly known as Mrs. Varnell Owens. Varnell is another story that one day we will get a chance to explore but lets talk about LILA, aka Lila Mae.Lila was born and raised in Oakland, Ca. 1 of 4 siblings, she graduated from Skyline High School and went on to graduate with a bachelors degree from Howard University and a masters from San Francisco State University. Following the footsteps of her mother, Lila became a successful real estate agent, now broker. Still closing deals around the Bay Area to this day. She even owned a hair salon for a few years. Ran it like a boss too without a lick of experience as a hair stylist.  In 2013 she opened CUPCAKIN.


CUPCAKIN bakeshop is a quaint little shop situated right around the corner from UC Berkeley. The cupcakes are awesome! They are SO GOOD. Always Moist, not too sweet and not overloaded with frosting. I’m still amazed at how she does it. My old school homie who went from lip gloss to lip stick, headbands and hoodies to high heels and Louis Vuitton.  Although many questioned her dreams of becoming the cupcake lady; in true Lila fashion, she strategically, meticulously, executed her plan. She got all of her ducks in a row, made it happen and here she is today.

Making sweet power moves.

With 2 new locations in the works, and many more to come, Cupcakin Bakeshop is located at 2435 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707. The bakeshop is open 7 days a week with a variety of flavors to choose from including Vegan and Gluten free. The cupcakes are baked from scratch daily using quality, local and fresh ingredients. Mini cupcakes are also available by the dozen.  Catering and delivery service is available too. For  more information please check out the website at http://Www.cupcakinbakeshop.com



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Hello world!

I’m starting a blog y’all! (You know I’m always doing something lol)  I hope you guys like it! I have wanted to do this for years. It has played over and over in the back of my head so now here it goes! This blog will showcase all of my interests in one place. Hair, Fashion, Shoes, Beauty and also Female Entrepreneurship. I want to give tips, tricks and advice on all of the things I love as well as showcase an inspiring female entrepreneur in an attempt to boost their business and give a little insight into the lives of these beautiful, savvy, business women themselves.. Please subscribe and stay tuned. This should be interesting!!

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